At Pentas, we strive to include our clients every step of the way on the journey to financial stability and wellness. We assess what our clients seek from their portfolios, and make informed, strategic decisions to help all assets work together to provide a fruitful financial future. Together, we work with clients to diversify portfolios across different asset classes to give the return that matches your risk tolerance We will focus on many topics that will become the roots that help secure your financial security; everything from how much to save for retirement, to investment, accounts for minors, and creating tax-efficient strategies.

What is Pentas?

At Pentas, we are an established, credible team of financial advisors with over 70 years of combined experience in creating strong client portfolios that weather ever-changing economic landscapes. Our sole focus is to create the opportunity for our clients to build and preserve wealth so they can sustain their families and create the foundation for a secure retirement. We offer a wide array of services — such as retirement, estate, and college planning — that will help you establish, prepare for, and sustain your wealth for the future.

The word Pentas is derived from the Greek word ‘penta.’ Penta means five. Our philosophy is based on five pillars that ensure we deliver excellent client service and expertise while inspiring trust. These pillars are:

Identification of Client Goals and Needs
We evaluate all aspects of your assets and goals, then work with you to understand exactly what you are seeking from your financial portfolio. Our approach is direct; from discovery to decisions, we always deliver.
Managing Risk Above Return
We assess all external factors to minimize the risk associated with your financial decisions to ensure that we safeguard your assets. We are proactive problem solvers.
Client Service
At Pentas, you are our sole focus. This focus extends to your family and goals. Our goal is to deliver exemplary service that will allow us to create the foundation for a sustainable future for you and those you care about.
Independent Thinking
Our focus is always on the client. We strive to create simpler solutions to your concerns. We focus on the comprehensive picture and evaluate all factors to ensure that we help navigate you through life's transitions, such as divorce, sending your child to college, and retirement.
Our Team
Our team uses our experience and expertise to continuously deliver results that nourish your financial portfolio. Our team is consistent and you always know who you are talking to. We aim to inspire trust and our value truly is the support we give our clients.

Our Process

At Pentas, our value is predicated on truly knowing our clients. We create the ideal investment portfolio for our clients by assessing each client’s risk and analyzing return expectations to determine the mix of assets. We then educate and communicate the expected risk and return before making our strategic recommendations on future decisions. We do this with you because we want you to have the ability to enjoy your wealth. Together, we cultivate your long-lasting financial foundation.

While many advisors focus on the financial management aspect of financial planning, we focus on inspiring trust in our processes so we can partner you through life’s big moments, transitions, and events. You are our focus, the reason we do what we do.

  • Identify Your Need and Objectives
  • Gather Information
  • Analyze Information and Develop Plan
  • Plan Presentation and Delivery
  • Implement a Plan
  • Review Your Progress and Update